Business Advisory & Internal Audit

Financial reporting has become increasingly challenging with the rising intricacies of the business environment.  Financial reporting errors range from minor calculation errors and transpositions to material misstatements and hedging. We assist companies in dealing with the unprecedented changes and reflect value in their financial statements. 

We help you to identify and resolve complex business, organizational and operational problems with expertise and specialization in varied business areas. Our value-added offerings of various advisory services including Accounting, Corporate, and Management consulting enable our clients’ to run their businesses ingeniously and benefit from astute insights generated. 

Accounting Advisory  

  • IFRS Accounting  
  • System study and designing the appropriate accounting and recording maintenance methods.  
  • Supervising the implementation of the Accounting System.  

Management Consulting  

  • Competition Analysis  
  • Market Study  
  • Cost Optimization  
  • Performance Improvement  
  • Growth Strategies
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